Captova AI Suite 

Captova AI Suite for

Secret Intelligence or Business Intelligence


Intelligent Document Processing

Captova IDP is an Intelligent Document Processing application for structured or semi-structured documents such as top secret government documents, confidential documents, classified documents, medical claims or business  documents such as  invoices, supply chain documents.


Extract – Transform - Load

Captova ETL is a specialized Extract, Transform and Load application for Large Language Models (LLMs) such as Captova GPT. It effortlessly extracts, curates, transforms difficult-to-use unstructured file formats (secret files or business files) such as HTML, CSV, PPTX, EMAILS, XML etc into embeddings and vector databases for subsequent use by Captova GPT.


Generative Pre-Trained Transformer

Captova GPT is a Generative AI Large Language Model (LLM) for gaining deep insight into a given corpus of data extracted from documents pre-processed and curated by Captova IDP and Captova ETL,  whether  structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. This combination makes both Secret Intelligence possible and Business Intelligence possible.

Captova can capture data

from top secret documents on premises,

off-grid, with utmost security and privacy.

Agencies can use Captova AI Suite 

to harvest Secret intelligence


Captova's mission is to deliver the best-in-class Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions for both secret documents and business documents.

Where needed, we can provide a combination of Captova IDP for structured and semi-structured documents and Captova ETL for unstructured documents and files, be they secret or business artifacts.

Where needed, we can provide Captova GPT, a Generative AI solution, for both secret agencies and businesses so they can obtain deep secret intelligence insights or deep business intelligence insights from clean data provided by Captova IDP and Captova ETL in totally off-the-grid environments.

Captova AI Suite can capture data from almost any document,

be it a secret document or a business document,

structured or unstructured

From Paper to Data to Insights

for Secret Intelligence or Business Intelligence

Captova IDP  + Captova ETL + Captova GPT

Types of Secret Documents & Files 

Sensitive Documents

Confidential Documents

Classified Documents

Secret Documents

Top Secret Documents

Examples of Secret Documents & Files 

Examples of Business Documents 

Virtually Unlimited Scalability

for Secret Agencies

If so desired, a secret agency can have an unlimited number of on-premise Captova AI Suite workstations connected to an internal secure central repository for sporadic syncing.



Captova AI Suite is a unique solution comprised of Captova  IDP, Captova ETL and Captova GPT which can run on high-performance workstations offline in total privacy within SCIFs & SAPFs without any network or Internet connection.

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility sites (SCIFs) are used by the US Intelligence community for sensitive and secret information being discussed or shared. Special Access Program Facility sites (SAPFs) are used by the US Department of Defense for the same purpose.